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British-Built Air Handling Unit Systems From SFL

Flue Systems For Air Handling Units

Air handling units usually distribute the conditioned air through a range of ductwork with the aid of a centrifugal or plug type fan powered by a motor. Modulated percentages of supply air will be brought in from outside the building or recirculated within according to environmental requirements. Many grades of filtration, cooling or humidification can also be specified and included within the packaged unit.

Alongside the push towards extra heat exchanger control and efficiency comes the focus on condensing products, this highlights the importance of specifying a fully sealed, positive pressure stainless steel flue system designed to match technically advanced appliances.

Providing a suitable flue and chimney system to serve the many different types of air handling units that meet local and national standards is an important consideration for consultants, specifiers and specialist installers, SFL has the product ranges and knowledge to provide the quality, safe and secure flue and chimney required.


Important Considerations

Performance of the appliances can be significantly affected by incorrect flue design and many other factors including:

  • Exhaust product condensation
    High efficiency can lead to condensate forming within the flue exhaust, correctly designed systems with seals and joint clamps minimising leaks and joint failure should be specified, 316L stainless-steel flue material selection will maximise corrosion protection and assure long service life.
  • Selecting the right product
    Flues and chimney design should be matched perfectly to the flue system required, for example, specifying single wall stainless flue whilst within the heated building then upgrading to twin wall insulated stainless flue once exiting the building minimises installation costs and speeds up hand over to the user.
  • Design assistance
    Working in partnership directly with the experts at SFL ensures designers and specifiers make informed, technically correct flue product choices.

Why choose SFL?

We are proud of our British built heritage at SFL. All our products are fabricated at our manufacturing centre in Barnstaple, Devon, UK. As well as investment in the latest manufacturing system, we also have an extensive R&D centre ensuring continuous product development and testing to the latest European standards.

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We’re committed to offering industry-leading support services. That’s why SFL can provide full technical support throughout the whole process of design, manufacture, and supply of your upcoming project. From initial product selection from our British-built systems range to complete design and calculations. SFL work with carefully selected installation teams to ensure your turnkey package is carried out on time within budget by seasoned professionals.

Suitable Systems


Twin Wall Flue System


EUROPA® is a high specification, high-pressure twin wall system capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000 Deg C. EUROPA® is used on a variety of appliances ranging from coffee roasting machines to backup generators.

NOVA Commercial

Twin Wall Flue System

NOVA Commercial

NOVA® is a pre-fabricated, factory-made twin-wall, insulated stainless steel chimney system. Suitable for condensing and positive pressure applications and is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high-efficiency heating appliances as well as traditional gas and oil-fired combustion equipment.


Single Wall Flue System


SUPRA® is our single wall stainless steel chimney system designed with the commercial installer in mind. Pre-fitted seals make it a go-to product for any commercial condensing and positive pressure applications.

SUPRA PLUS® is our single wall stainless steel chimney for 80mm to 350mm diameter systems.

SUPRA XL® is our single wall stainless steel flue and chimney for 400 to 600mm diameter systems.

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