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Assessed to 200mm to combustible material

The insulated TUBEX PLUS® liner retains over 73% of the heat in the liner. As an insulated product, Tubex Plus has also been assessed to the performance requirement of EN 1856-1, achieving a distance to combustibles to 200mm at T600 G.


High performance

The unique design allows maximum flexibility and ease of installation, while the insulated core offers excellent thermal resistance to maximise natural draft production and rapid draft stabilisation to ensure optimum efficiency of the appliance. Ideal for use on modern high-efficiency wood burning and multi- fuel appliance and application where it is necessary to insulate a traditional flexible flue liner.


Easy to install

Insulating a chimney has never been so easy with the new TUBEX PLUS® twin wall insulated flexible liner from SFL. Speed up any installation with the new lightweight which requires no additional insulation jackets, or backfilling with granular insulation. Forget carrying 10-15 bags of insulation up the ladder. TUBEX PLUS® weighs only 15kg per 10m and drops straight down without snagging or any additional fixing.


Diameter Range & Compatibility

TUBEX PLUS® is available in 125mm and 150mm diameter and is complimented by a range of adaptors to cover our twin wall and single wall chimney products. Why not also take a look at our other SFL brands such as the SIGMA, SFLUE and NOVA.


Life Time Guarantee

TUBEX PLUS® is offered with a conditional lifetime guarantee giving you and your customer complete confidence in its performance longevity.

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Cowls & Accessories

Cowls & Accessories

A range of pot hanging sowl with bird guards and special thatch terminals

Fittings & Adaptors

Fittings & Adaptors

Screw on fittings and variety of connections to twin and single wall


TUBEX PLUS® is CE marked to EN 1856-2, and manufactured under the strict quality management system of ISO 9001. As an insulated product, TUBEX PLUS® has also been assessed to the performance requirement of EN 1856-1, achieving a distance to combustible to 200mm at T600 and HETAS Approved.

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Only available from SFL

Tubex Plus is a unique triple skin insulated multi-fuel flexible liner. Its construction is made up of a 316L (1.4404) twin skin liner, a 13mm high density insulated core and a single skin 304 (1.4301) stainless steel outer casing to protect and secure the integrity of the insulated core only available from SFL.


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