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Condensing Boiler Flue System – Lymington Hospital

FBS Flues were contracted to replace an existing flue dilution system for 6 Asida 475Kw condensing boilers using SFL’s EUROPA® and SUPRA PLUS® systems to complete the overhaul replacement at Lymington Hospital in Southampton

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Hospital flue system
Hospital flue system
Hospital flue system
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"Our EUROPA® system was the perfect solution for this replacement offering an engineered system capable of meeting the demands of the hospital. FBS Flues did a fantastic job on the installation ensuring the boilers were operational with the elimination of all noise. It's always a pleasure to work with them on projects together."

Lee Palmer, SFL


FBS Flues were contacted for a replacement flue dilution system. The site had six Asida ADI-HT 475Kw boilers, each having a 250mm low-level flue outlets with each bank of three boilers being served by a flue dilution system in Hampshire, Southampton. Each of the belt-driven dilution fans and dilution ductwork was mounted above the boilers and associated pipework making removal and replacement very difficult and each of the existing fans were becoming very noisy and ductwork rattling almost to the point of destruction with failed joints and support bracketry.



FBS Flues recommended the entire removal of the flue dilution systems and replacement with two independent conventional flue systems each serving three boilers. 300mm I/D SUPRA PLUS® flues were used to connect each of the boilers into two 600mm I/D common single wall EUROPA® common headers. Each header connected to 600mm I/D, 25mm insulated, EUROPA® flue system rising through the flat roof utilising existing high-level ventilation fan openings, then ran vertically to a height of 6.9m above the roof to ensure compliance with current Clean Air Act regulations.




Each flue was supported with two levels of stainless-steel guy wires with one rigid tie bar between the two flues for added strength. The work was carried out in two phases to ensure continuity of services and now has the boilers operational with the elimination of all noise.  The plant room was located off a 1st-floor corridor and opposite working medical wards where the constant noise was an obvious problem. Had both fans or connected dilution ductwork finally failed the entire hospital would have lost all heating and hot water capabilities.



mm SUPRA PLUS® System


mm EUROPA® system


SFL Solution


Twin Wall Flue System


EUROPA® is a high specification, high-pressure twin wall system capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000 Deg C. EUROPA® is used on a variety of appliances ranging from coffee roasting machines to backup generators.


Single Wall Flue System


SUPRA® is our single wall stainless steel chimney system designed with the commercial installer in mind. Pre-fitted seals make it a go-to product for any commercial condensing and positive pressure applications.

SUPRA PLUS® is our single wall stainless steel chimney for 80mm to 350mm diameter systems.

SUPRA XL® is our single wall stainless steel flue and chimney for 400 to 600mm diameter systems.

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