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EUROPA LITE® New Specification

The new EUROPA LITE® Suitable for continuous flue gas temperatures up to 600°C (T600) and positive pressure applications up to 5000 Pa (H1), Manufactured using a 316L Stainless inner and a 304 outer skin EUROPA LITE® is available in twelve internal diameters ranging from 100mm to 600mm.

Utilising a mating flanged joint design with a location spigot for easy alignment during installation. The joint is secured with a Vee Band and either high or low-temperature sealant is applied on the faces of the flange and around the internal circumference of the Vee channel an insulation blanket is fitted around the joint, covered with a channel band.


Application Flexibility

The EUROPA® system is designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke and products of combustion from a wide range of engineering, combustion and process equipment. The system is available in a wide range of diameters from 100mm to 1200mm.



EUROPA® Available diameters from 100 ID through to 1200 ID. Manufactured using a 1mm thick 316L stainless steel inner to 1000 ID and 1.2mm on the largest diameters all with 304 Stainless steel outer casings, Standard annulus being 25mm with options for 50 and 100mm should the application demand.

Tested by the Loss Prevention Council achieving a 4-hour fire resistance in accordance with the stability and integrity criteria of BS 476 Part 24 Duct Type B.



EUROPA PLUS® is manufactured in diameters from 100 ID through to 600 ID. Constructed using a 0.6mm thick 316L Stainless steel inner and a 304 Stainless steel outer casing.

Standard annulus is 25mm Insulfrax 128Kg/m3 AES high-density blanket with optional 50 and 100mm should the application demand.

System flange joints are sealed with the use of composite graphite gaskets and U bands, giving robust long-lived service.

Tested and assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) offering a 4 hour fire resistance in accordance with the integrity criteria of BS 476 Part 20.


Inner Liner, Temperature & Pressure Certification

EUROPA® is constructed with a 1mm 316L Stainless steel inner liner whilst both EUROPA PLUS® & EUROPA LITE® have a 0.6mm 316L liner.

As standard all inner liners are insulated with a 25mm Insulfrax 128Kg/m3 AES high density blanket and covered by 304 BA Stainless steel outer protective casing

Certified Maximum Operating temperature: 600°C, Intermittent Operating Temperature: 700°C and Thermal Shock: 1000°C for 30 minutes

Pressure rating to EN 1856-1: 5000Pa (H1) Leakage rating to EN 1856-1: <0.005 l/s/m2 (H1) Maximum Pressure Rating: 15KPa at 50ppm (UL)


Bracketry, Bellows & Insulation Options

The EUROPA® product family is supported by an extensive collection of accessories, brackets, drain plugs and more.

EUROPA® & EUROPA PLUS® ranges have the added optional availability of 50 and 100mm 128Kg/m3 Insulfrax AES blanket insulation dependant on system specification and requirements.

With high pressures and high temperatures, a provision for expansion will be provided using Expansion Bellows or Expansion Lengths.


Custom Made Components

SFL are able to quickly turn around special components within the EUROPA® range if required to ensure you have the right components for your installation.


20Year Warranty

The EUROPA® range is backed up with a comprehensive 15-year product warranty. The 20 Year Warranty is a measure of our confidence in the quality and reliability of our flue systems and gives added peace of mind for any installation.


Straight Lengths

Straight Lengths

With three material and joint configurations, a diversity of diameters, varying manufactured lengths plus custom options, system configuration is almost limitless.



Designed to provide controlled expansion and contraction when temperature and pressures fluctuate



Non load bearing elbows range from 15Deg through to 95Deg matching all diameter, material and joint configurations. Custom angles and access or drains are available to order.


Our certified quality management system and HETAS approvals ensure the high quality of our products and services to be supplied to our customers.

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SFL EUROPA® range products are manufactured exclusively in the UK at our Barnstaple headquarters in the Southwest of England. These brands boast exceptional British quality with over 50 years of industry expertise.

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