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NOVA® Steam Boiler Flue System

At an impressive 17m high our NOVA® Twin Wall Flue System was installed by our trusted installation partners at FBS Flues & Chimneys. Replacing a corroded system, the new installation comprising of 3 x 300mm Dia NOVA® serves three 41-year-old Hoval steam boilers with a customised connection onto a 17m mast.

Installation Partner

Nova Flue System
Nova Flue System
Nova Flue System

"Our NOVA® product was the perfect choice for this project, easily serving the required 17m height whilst being well within its fully certified load parameters. NOVA® has all the characteristics to serve the steam boilers at maximum performance. It was yet another great installation by FBS.""

Lee Palmer, SFL


Serving a key facility, a multiple steam boiler plant room existing chimney system reached the end of its serviceable life whilst proving impracticable and economically unviable to repair. A choice was made to replace the external installation with a modern new system, due to its age and after thorough investigations, a new supporting mast and chimney system was specified



FBS Flue & Chimneys specialists in this type of works were requested to formulate an efficient cost-effective solution. Working in conjunction with SFL a Nova® twin wall flue system was specified, full technical details were calculated and confirmed to enable a new supporting mast and associated civil groundworks to be designed and manufactured.


A triple vertical 17m 300mm Dia Nova® chimney system and supporting mast has been successfully manufactured, installed, and commissioned providing the existing Hoval steam boilers with many more years of efficient service. SFL provide technical sales support along with quality, long service life products that match our partners and industry needs.

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NOVA® system


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NOVA Commercial

Twin Wall Flue System

NOVA Commercial

NOVA® is a pre-fabricated, factory-made twin-wall, insulated stainless steel chimney system. Suitable for condensing and positive pressure applications and is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high-efficiency heating appliances as well as traditional gas and oil-fired combustion equipment.

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