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British-Built Coffee Roaster Flue Systems From SFL

Flue Systems For Coffee Roasters

Having the correct flue for coffee roasters is imperative……some roasting machines are pushing out flue gas temperatures in excess of 800 deg C! There are three options on insulation thickness to choose from keeping the flue ‘touch temperature low, this ensures both the building and master roasters are protected from the hot flue gasses. Flue design is a key factor in ensuring coffee roasting doesn’t have a negative impact on the residential or commercial surroundings.

Important Considerations

Performance of the appliances can be significantly affected by incorrect flue design and many other factors including:

  • Site requirements:
    With the high flue gas temperatures, the outside touch temperature needs to be considered if it poses a risk to machine operators or customers if in a public dwelling of a café for example.
  • Terminal location
    When the roasting is taking place dusty particles can be emitted from the flue which could be a nuisance if, in a residential area, fan assistance can be incorporated to dissipate the fumes…… not everyone likes to smell the coffee!.
  • Site location
    Fan assistance, filtration and noise abatement can all be incorporated into the design of the flue to ensure its only the taste of your freshly roasted beans are enjoyed by people in the local area.

Why choose SFL?

We are proud of our British built heritage at SFL. All our products are fabricated at our manufacturing centre in Barnstaple, Devon, UK. As well as investment in the latest manufacturing system, we also have an extensive R&D centre ensuring continuous product development and testing to the latest European standards.

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Suitable Systems


Twin Wall Flue System


EUROPA® is a high specification, high-pressure twin wall system capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000 Deg C. EUROPA® is used on a variety of appliances ranging from coffee roasting machines to backup generators.

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