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Where can I find out more information about TUBEX PLUS ®?

You can find more information on TUBEX PLUS ® visit www.tubexplus.co.uk or call 01271 326633 and speak to our customer services department. Alternatively see our TUBEX PLUS ® product page here

Is TUBEX PLUS® easy to install?

TUBEX PLUS® is by far the easiest insulated liner system to install. Granular insulation requires many bags to be taken up scaffolding or stairs, insulation jacket solutions take time to wrap around the liner and often snag when feeding down the chimney.

I have an ‘inglenook’ fireplace can I use TUBEX PLUS®?

‘Inglnook’ fireplaces often have large voids that form the chimney, TUBEX PLUS® is the perfect lining solution for this type of fireplace as the heat rising from standard flexible liners dissipate into the large void around the liner. TUBEX PLUS® will retain the heat within the liner and rise and exit the building more effectively.

What’s the warranty on TUBEX PLUS® insulated flexible liner?

TUBEX PLUS® comes with a ‘Lifetime warranty’* providing it’s used correctly with approved fuels  & maintained regularly. *, see conditions on web site.

Will TUBEX PLUS® last longer than a normal chimney liner?

In theory yes, flue gasses cool as they rise, insulating the liner will keep gasses warmer as they exit the building reducing the risk of the gasses condensating which can corrode stainless steel liners

Is TUBEX PLUS® suitable for all fuels?

Yes, TUBEX PLUS® can be used on wood-burning stoves using approved fuels, oil fired boilers, gas appliances and pellet systems amongst others.

Is TUBEX PLUS® HETAS approved?

Yes, it’s approved and also the only insulated flexible liner system that has undergone testing and been assessed to EN-1856-1 200mm to combustibles.

Why is it good to insulate my flue?

Keeping temperature within the flue system means a better draw is established and a cleaner more efficient burn with fewer emissions.

How far must my twin wall flue be from combustibles?

NOVA® = 50mm

S-FLUE® = 50mm