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+44 (0)1271 326633


Where can I find out more information about TUBEX PLUS ®?

You can find more information on TUBEX PLUS ® visit www.tubexplus.co.uk or call 01271 326633 and speak to our customer services department. Alternatively see our TUBEX PLUS ® product page here

Why is it good to insulate my flue?

Keeping temperature within the flue system means a better draw is established and a cleaner more efficient burn with fewer emissions.

How high can my stack be above the roof unsupported?

S-FLUE® –  1.5m

S-FLUE® +structural lock band 2.5m

NOVA® – 3m*

*Provided adequate straight run and support below

What are your accreditations?

We are accredited by UK, USA & EU bodies.

CA Mark – 0086 CPR 740592/740593

CE Mark – 2797 CPR 496040/559419

UL Mark – UL Mark – MH49940

Do you install your products?

No however we can look to recommend regional partners to assist.

What delivery services do you offer?

Parcel delivery options are next day. Please see our cut off times for delivery. Pallet delivery options can be next day or 48/72 hours.

I have a SUPRA flue system installed and need to replace some parts. Can I buy this?

We no longer stock our SUPRA® system however we would recommend our SUPRA PLUS® system with SUPRA®/SUPRA PLUS® adaptors.

Do you have a compatible Flue for 10” SM / SMW or QC systems?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer our SFlue system up to 8”

Does Selkirk Metalbestos contain asbestos?

No this does not contain asbestos.