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Yet Another SFL & FBS Flues Partnership

11 October 2021

In a large naval base in the South, three large boilers ended their useful life……sadly so did the old existing twin wall insulated flue system. 

On the arrival of three new highly efficient Hoval Ultragas 400 gas-fired boilers technicians set to work to connect water and electric feeds. SFL key customer FBS FLues was appointed to design, supply and install new flue systems to complete the project. 

SFL Flue System on industrial building.

After the site survey, a specialist “SFL I-size” flue design calculation was completed, this determined the flue diameter flue required to allow the boilers to work safely and efficiently. Test points were included to allow ongoing regular flue gas analysis. SFL’s Supra Plus was utilised for the initial internal connections, changing to 300mm dia Nova twin wall insulated flue, before penetrating the external wall drain points were provided for rain and condensate removal whilst providing protection from freezing weather. Offsets were incorporated into the flue risers to clear protruding soffits and gutters.  

SFL flue system on budiling

The complete installation was finished in a single day and within budget, focusing on quality and safety, FBS Flues and SFL a winning team. 

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