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Wood-burning stove ban Scotland: Industry lodge petition urging U-turn to “Protect the right to use a wood burning stove for sustainable low carbon heating”.

07 May 2024

3rd May

Wood burning stoves cannot be installed in new-build houses in Scotland under new regulations.

On Friday 3rd May the SIA lodged a petition with the Scottish Parliament asking them to:

Protect the right to use a wood burning stove for sustainable low carbon heating.

You can read all about it in this exclusive article https://www.thenational.scot/news/24298208.wood-burning-stove-ban-scotland-industry-lodge-petition-urging-u-turn/

In short, the introduction of the Scottish New Build Standard and the proposed Heat in Buildings Bill, both effectively ban the use of wood burning stoves in new builds in Scotland and, in the case of the latter, will potentially see them removed from existing buildings too.

The SIA petition will be reviewed by Parliament and members will be notified when the petition is ready to accept signatures, until then members are being asked to spread the word by sharing the above article.

Members in Scotland are working with their local MSPs and council planning officers to keep the pressure on and keep this issue in the public eye.

We attach the key facts and key arguments papers that the SIA has drawn up to support the lobbying and press communications work around this.



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