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NEW Sflue Component

25 November 2016

As part of our continuous development programme and customer feedback, SFL are pleased to announce the following component introduction and design changes to our Sflue brand.

Sflue Component Change

In order to offer greater flexibility on site, SFL have introduced the Adjustable Slip Section for the SFlue brand. The Adjustable Slip Section is designed for use with a standard length to allow greater flexibility on site where standard length configurations are not suitable for the required distance. The Adjustable Slip Section is supplied complete with blanket insulation and structural retention band.

Sflue Component

Sflue Component Change

We will also be introducing some changes to the Adjustable Length. Going forward the Adjustable Length will no longer be supplied with self tapping screws, but will use the same structural retention band as used on the Slip Section. We believe this is a much more installer friendly method as well as offering a more aesthetically pleasing interface between the two halves of the component.

In addition to this all Sflue Adjustable Lengths will be manufactured to this design, however it will take sometime before our current stock is rotated. We would ask our customers to be patient while the old design filters through the company.

For dimensions and pricing, and for further information, call Customer Services team on 01271 326633.

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