SFL’s market share reaches 38% of residential chimney market in Japan

For over 30 years SFL has actively been exporting our stainless-steel twin wall products into Japan.  Due to the installation methods employed, the twist lock jointing system is the preferred choice for both dealers and distributors.  Unlike typical installation practices in the UK, Japanese installers tend to install from the roof back down to the appliance.  The twist lock coupler design offers a safe and structurally sound method for achieving this.  SFL currently sale under two brand names in Japan, one being the SFL brand and the other being the Powrmatic brand.  The Powrmatic brand was maintained in the market after the acquisition of Selkirk Manufacturing by Powrmatic, although the products today are the same.

(SFL’s Managing Director, Mr. Flavio Buccianti and Technical Manager, Mr. Jason Lee meet with Dutchwest, Japan.  The product on show is NOVA SM, also branded as Powrmatic SM by Dutchwest)

Flavio & Jason with Paul Kastner CEO of Fireside at their head office in Komagane-Shi)

During November SFL visited our main distributors in Japan, as well as visiting some dealers.  As always it was a pleasure to visit the country and gain valuable feedback from the market in respect to product development and future opportunities.


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