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September Product News

21 September 2017

As part of our continuous product improvement strategy together with customer feedback, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the Supra Plus product range:

Click here for a detailed PDF regarding the changes

41190XX-Supra Plus Vertical Drain Length

1" BSP Vertical Drain LengthWe are pleased to now offer the Vertical Drain Length, supplied as standard with an externally threaded 1” BSP drain, supporting easier connection to standard pipe fittings.  This component is designed to be installed vertically in short chimney sections to support a degree of condensate removal from the system. Where used directly above an appliance, it may be necessary to use an Appliance Adaptor (41193XX).  This will depend on the appliance flue connection size.

vert product list






Eccentric Increaser Changes

Eccentric Increaser Supra PlusThe overall installed length of the Eccentric Increaser has been cut by almost 50% in order to aid installation in confined plant rooms. Furthermore we have added 10 new sizes to complement the range. The new part numbers will be designated by an ‘N’ at the end of the existing part number.

The new design is currently available to order, however we plan to withdraw the previous design as of 1st November 2017.

Product list can be found below, please note that prices differ from the previous model.

85 degree elbow product list











Re-Introduction of 5° Components

Due to popular demand, we have re-introduced the 85° Elbow, 95° Tee and 95° Reducing Tees to our Supra Plus range.

85° Elbow (New Short Design)

85 degree elbow








95° Reducing Tee (New Short Design)

95° Reducing TeeEccentric Increaser Changes












95° Equal Tee

Supra Plus 95° Teeequal tee







To aid the back flow of condensation through the system, we recommend where possible to use a 5° rise.  Where head room is limited, a minimum of 3° would be advised, this can be achieved using the 3° components also offered in the Supra Plus range. Failure to provide an adequate rise on the system can lead to premature failure of the Elastomer Seals and corrosion of the product.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact our Customer Services team on 01271 326633. Thank you.

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