Withdrawals & Changes - now in effect.

As part of our continuous development and product rationalisation, the following changes and withdrawals are now in effect:

ILS withdrawals

Withdrawal of ILS Range

With today’s modern high efficiency condensing oil fired appliances, the requirement for products such as ILS has diminished greatly over the past few years in preference of products such as Supra Plus & Nova.

For IL Gas Vent applications and where the external height is greater than 3 metres, we will include a range of insulated lengths in our standard IL product range to support this application.

Supra withdrawal

Withdrawal of Supra Range

With the popularity of Supra Plus increasing, the old design Supra product will be officially withdrawn. Conversion adaptors between the two products will continue to be made available and these can be ordered through our Customer Services department.

Sflue withdrawal

Sflue Twin Wall – Withdrawal of 178mm & 203mm Product Sizes

This product is targeted specifically at the residential stove market and as such, we have made the decision to limit our offering to 127mm and 152mm diameters only.

For all other diameters, our NOVA product can be used which covers diameters ranging from 100mm to 600mm and is suitable for both condensing and non-condensing applications.

Supra Plus Changes

Supra Plus Component Changes & Withdrawals

  • New dimensions for 15°, 30°, 45°, 87° & 90° Elbows
  • New dimensions plus additional sizes for 90° & 93° Reducing Tees
  • New dimensions for 135° Tees
  • Withdrawal of 40° & 85° Elbows and 95° Tees from the standard product offering
  • Addition of standard Sprung Toggle Locking Bands

The dimensional changes reflect the need for smaller and more compact components to service wall mounted commercial condensing appliances and the ever limited space available in plant rooms.

As of today, the new design components will replace the original and revert to the standard part numbers. Further information on the Supra Plus changes can be downloaded here.


Please contact our Customer Services Team on 01271 326633 should you require any further information.



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