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Our new LCP Insulation Blower – fabricated in house!

16 August 2016

Introducing our first ever machine manufactured from scratch!

At SFL, we are proud to manufacture market-leading products. We consistently invest in research and development to bring you exceptional systems that meet the highest industry standards, with maximum ease of installation. We also have a fantastic workforce, many of whom have enjoyed life long careers with the company and who continue to be reliable and dedicated.

And two of the workforce – alongside their usual work routine – have been extremely busy over the last two months working on a project of their very own.

Steve & Andy - LCP SFL

Steve Chappell (Engineering Supervisor) and Andy Sowden (Maintenance Fitter/Engineer) have manufactured a new and improved LCP Insulation Blower – a machine designed to blow rock wool insulation into the wall cavity of a twin wall flue on our large commercial flue line. The machine is our first ever machine fabricated in house, designed and constructed completely from scratch!

Exterior open and closed LCP SFL

The machine is a huge upgrade from the older model that’s been used in the warehouse for over 15 years. Although it’s proven reliable over the years, it’s been in need of an upgrade and so Steve and Andy decided to completely revolutionise the machine, creating one that would allow the user complete control in setting their own requirements for the job in hand. This results in a more reliable and quicker process than ever before.

Drawing LCP SFL

“The biggest challenge was drawing up the idea without access to the AutoCAD software,” says Andy. “We had to calculate the measurements for every part we wanted to build and draw it on paper before we could make it. With all the improvements we’ve implemented – like the larger blower and verio speed motor, and by incorporating a small shredder to help break up the rock wool – we’re confident it will help speed up the insulation process.”

From printing the labels, to writing the software; from recycling old machinery parts to powder coating the material – both engineers have worked exceptionally hard and thanks to their efforts, productivity has already increased in the warehouse.

Components Collage LCP SFL

Both Steve and Andy are already looking for their next project – they are a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what’s next up their sleeve!

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