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We supply an extensive collection of chimney systems suitable for residential stoves and ranges directly to installers, retailers, and stove showrooms. Contact our sales team today to discuss how to buy or stock SFL residential products.

08 January 2024

From wood burning & multi-fuel stoves to gas fires & oil boilers, our time-honoured brands of flues and chimneys have been a mainstay of domestic heating for decades


NEXUS® is the next generation of twist lock pre-fabricated chimney systems from SFL. With its clean lines and rapid installation method it’s the No.1 choice for installers, manufactured in the UK.

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TUBEX PLUS® is our unique insulated flexible liner for multi-fuel applications. Achieving optimal appliance performance with its 13mm high density insulation layer.

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SELFLEX® is a high-quality double skin multi-fuel flexible chimney liner suitable for multi-fuel, gas and oil fired applications up to a maximum flue gas temperature of 600°C. CE marked to EN 1856-2.

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SFLUE® is a stainless steel insulated twin wall chimney system design and manufactured in the U.K. suitable for domestic installations for a range of fuel types.

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SIGMA® stainless steel single wall connecting pipe is UK engineered and manufactured for residential wood and multi-fuel burning appliances. Its gas-tight joint negates the need for fire cement or rope.

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SVIT® offers a smooth, aesthetically pleasing joint, without the need for additional Locking Bands or fire cement and is available in 125mm and 150mm internal diameters.

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The NOVA®  insulated twin wall system is our premium UK engineered and manufactured flue for residential installations including multi-fuel stoves. With its unique speedy twist lock jointing system, it’s trusted and favoured by installers around the globe.

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Cool rims


IL® is a factory-made twin wall insulated pre-fabricated domestic gas vent system suitable for gas appliances, typically in domestic or small commercial installations with a range of straight pipe lengths and associated fittings and accessories made from a new galvanised steel.

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