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Insulated Flexible Flue Liner The Solution For Cottage Stove Project

26 February 2021

Our new Tubex Plus Insulated Flexible Flue Liner has been installed by FBS Flues at a beautiful listed building in a sleepy Wiltshire village.

A very discerning homeowner searching for premium performance for their custom morso stove. The preference was to use an insulated flue but with bends in the chimney, a rigid twin wall insulated flue liner system wasn’t an option. Tubex Plus Insulated Flexible Flue Liner was then identified as the perfect solution, not only providing a continuous length negating the need for the joint inspections that rigid twin-wall systems require, but also gives exceptional thermal performance maintaining the temperature within the liner.

Van and flue

Chimney system

Chimney system

Scaffolding and chimney system

Granular insulation was considered but with the building having high humidity within the old stone walls a non-hydroscopic solution was required to avoid the risk of moisture being drawn in through the walls into the insulation.

Specialist FBS flues were nominated for the works which included the full installation of the liner register plate and the appliance. With a centuries-old solid oak beam supporting the fireplace opening, compliance with distances to combustible materials was a paramount consideration, again Tubex Plus Insulated Flexible Flue Liner ticked the box with its unique G designation rating.

Scaffolding and chimney system

Chimney system

Tubex Plus advert

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