Important Information Regarding IL Gas Vent

Due to forthcoming improvements to our Production facility, we will be suspending production of IL Gas Vent System for a period of time.

As part of our continuous investment in new plant and machinery, we will be moving the IL Gas Vent manufacturing cell to a new location, allowing for the installation of a new flatbed laser profiler and other associated equipment. 

The move will commence w/c 5 June 2017 and with completion expected during w/c 31 July 2017. During this time, production of IL will cease.

We are currently building stock, based on sales history, to sustain us throughout this period.

If any of our customers are aware of any circumstances that may lead to an increase in demand during this time then we would strongly suggest that you place your orders as soon as possible.

For enquires and further information, please contact Customer Services.


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