SFL Mission Statement

SFL Chimneys - Mission Statement


Our mission statement Рto become the world leading solution provider for the flue and chimney industry.

As the leading UK manufacturer of high quality chimneys, flues and vents, SFL has offered customers the highest quality British products for over 40 years. SFL provides expertise in system design for commercial, domestic and industrial applications; engineering skills and uncompromised customer service.


We strive to bring Flue and Chimney Solutions for Life to our customers by providing superior quality and innovative design at affordable prices. We aim to increase our global sales, for others to benefit from our high quality British products. Toward that end, we build long-term relationships with customers, employ & develop our skilled employees, maintain continuous improvements of our production methods, and minimise waste.


  • Excellence in customer service.
  • Ethical Trading
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Continuous investment in our people.
  • Innovation in design
  • Continuous improvements.
  • Promotion of British Manufacturing


SF Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of:



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