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Do we still manufacture SM, SMW or QC parts?

No. However our SFlue system shares the same coupler and will fit up to 8″ in diameter.

Do you have a compatible Flue for 10” SM / SMW or QC systems?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer our SFlue system up to 8”

How do I measure my existing flue to buy new flue?

Using a tape measure, take measurements from the inner pipe on the female end.

Does Selkirk Metalbestos contain asbestos?

No this does not contain asbestos.

Do you still manufacture SW?

Unfortunately, SW has been discontinued. Our nearest system is SUPRA PLUS®, please see our latest product information here. https://www.sflchimneys.com/brand/supra-plus/

I have a SW Flue system installed and need to replace some parts. Can I buy this?

We no longer stock our SW system however we would recommend our SUPRA PLUS® system with SW/Supra+ adaptors – https://www.sflchimneys.com/brand/supra-plus/

Do you deliver to site?

Yes. Please contact us for more information. Call 01271 326633

Do locking bands come as standard?

Yes, for NOVA® & S-FLUE® these are standard however you will need to order these with SUPRA PLUS®.

Do you supply painted SIGMA®?

We have withdrawn painted SIGMA® from our portfolio however our NOVA & S-FLUE® systems are available in a painted format.