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Who are SFL?

SFL are a British manufacturing company based in Barnstaple, Devon. Formerly known as Selkirk Manufacturing, SFL have been the leading company in the design, innovation and manufacturing of pre-fabricated chimney system for over 46 years.  With an exemplary track record for safety coupled with state of the art production and R&D facilities, SFL is your number one choice for metal chimney systems.


Does SFL sell directly to the public?

No, we sell through distribution. Please see the ‘Stockists & Installers’ tab on our website.


Do you manufacture domestic and commercial chimney systems?

Yes, we have over 40 years of experience in both markets.


Can Sflue be used for positive pressure systems?

No, Sflue is for negative pressure systems. Nova can be used for positive pressure applications when used with seals.


My appliance is black, which of your products are available in black?

Nova and Sflue are both available in black, along with the relevant support components. Find out more here.


My appliance is T600 rated, should I use NOVA or Sflue?

Nova is T600 rated, Sflue is T450 rated.


My appliance is condensing, can I use your Sflue product?

No, Sflue is strictly for non-condensing appliances. Nova can be used with or without seals for both condensing and non-condensing appliances.



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