Tubex Plus Twin Wall Insulated Flexible Flue Liner

Tubex Plus Twin Wall Insulated Flexible Flue Liner is a unique triple skin insulated multi-fuel flexible liner. Its construction is made up from a 316L (1.4404) twin skin liner, a 13mm high density insulated core and a single skin 304 (1.4301) stainless steel outer casing to protect and secure the integrity of the insulated core.

The Insulated Flexible Flue Liner unique design allows maximum flexibility and ease of installation, while the insulated core offers excellent thermal resistance to maximise natural draft production and rapid draft stabilisation to ensure optimum efficiency of the appliance. Ideal for use on modern high-efficiency wood-burning and multi-fuel appliance and application where it is necessary to insulate a traditional flexible flue liner.

Tubex Plus Twin Wall Insulated Flexible Flue Liner is offered with a conditional lifetime warranty.

Inner Liner- 316L (1.4404) Stainless Steel
Thickness – 2 x 0.1mm
Insulation – 13mm Density 90Kg.m-3
Thermal Resistance – 0.12 m2.K.W-1 @ 200°C
Thermal Conductivity – (k) 0.062 W.m-1.K-1
Outer Case – 304 (1.4301) Stainless Steel
Thickness – 0.1mm
Temperature Rating – T600 (Max. 600°C)
Pressure Class Negative –(N1)
Condensate Resistant -Yes
Soot Fire Resistant – T600 Yes
Corrosion Resistance – V2
Distance to Combustible – 200mm – T600 G200 as tested to EN 1856-1.

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