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Sflue has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for multi-fuel appliances that operate under negative or neutral draught conditions. Under no circumstances should Sflue be used on appliances that generate high levels of condensation or positive pressure within the chimney system. For such systems our NOVA® product should be used.

With a specific range of components and a multi-barb twist-lock jointing system, Sflue offers the ultimate in ease of installation and quality at a competitive price. It’s a CE approved product and has been tested to the requirements of BS EN 1856-1.

Sflue is a prefabricated, factory made twin-wall insulated stainless steel system chimney. The fully welded construction combined with a high performance / high density insulating medium, provides the optimum level of performance required for modern-day solid fuel appliances such as DEFRA approved high-efficiency wood-burners alongside traditional stove installations.

The construction provides a high thermal resistance which ensures rapid stabilisation of the flue gas temperature and draught, whilst maintaining a relatively low temperature on the external surface of the chimney. Sflue is designed for internal and external applications, suitable for negative pressure applications.

Sflue utilises an eight-barb quick lock jointing system to secure each joint. The components are secured by locating the barbs with a twist of each section. A locking band must then be used at each joint. The joint design facilitates a maximum unsupported height above the last support of up to 1.5 metres, subject to the design considerations detailed within the Installation Instructions and on page 14 of this brochure.

Sflue is manufactured from a high grade 316L (1.4404 : X2CrNiMo 17-12-2) stainless steel liner and a 304 (1.4301 : X5CrNiMo 18-10-2) outer case. The product utilises a high performance mineral wool which is auger injected into a 25mm annulus between the inner and outer to a mean density of 250kg/m3, offering rapid stabilisation of draught and excellent thermal performance. The unique joint design allows the inner liner to freely expand and contract throughout the system as the flue gas temperature varies, alleviating the need for additional expansion components.

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