SFL & Enervex partnership goes big in the USA

SFL have just completed the manufacture of two industrial chimney systems for two projects in New York.  Both projects were ordered through our US partner, Enervex, who undertook the overall design and engineering of the project.

Both projects were manufactured using our Europa and Europa Plus product ranges and consisted of over 72 metres of 750ID and 850ID components, using both twin-wall insulated and single wall construction.


Europa and Europa Plus are prefabricated modular chimney system suitable for a wide range of applications, including high pressure and high-temperature generator and turbines.  Both products cover a combined internal diameter range of 100mm – 1200mm.  Each is available as single and twin wall construction, with options for 25, 50 and 100mm of insulation.

Europa Plus incorporates a unique joint system to allow for easy and trouble-free installation.  The joint consists of two mating inner flanges and a location spigot for easy alignment.  Pressure and leakage integrity are achieved by a composite graphite gasket, factory fitted to the flange.  Both mating flanges are then secured by a U-Band, which compresses the joint while allowing for radial expansion under high temperatures.  Europa Plus is available in a range of internal diameters ranging from 100mm to 600mm.  For larger sizes, our Europa product extends up to 1200mm internal diameter.

Europa and Europa Plus are both CE Marked to EN 1856-1 and UL / ULc Listed for both North America and Canadian markets. 



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