SFL Flues & Chimneys – Company History

In the 1930’s in the town of Selkirk, in Canada, an engineer fitting gas appliances realised that insulating the flue pipes would help combat condensation. The first factory made insulated metal chimney system was born!

The company which formed to manufacture this new product was called Selkirk Metalbestos. In North America it still trades under that name.

The popularity of the metal chimney system, in various guises, grew rapidly.  In 1965 Selkirk began exporting to the UK and Europe.  Such was the demand, that in 1969 a manufacturing plant was built in Barnstaple in Devon, England.  The range of products was expanded, and sold to different markets all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Divisions were opened in Germany, Italy and France.  The name was changed to Selkirk Manufacturing, due to the negative associations with asbestos, which had not been used in the products for many years.

Selkirk Truck

Selkirk had been subject to a number of corporate mergers and takeovers, in November 2000 the European operation was subject to a management buy-out, forming Selkirk Europe Limited.  The company went into administrative receivership in June 2003, and ceased trading in August 2003.

The assets of Selkirk manufacturing UK were purchased by Stamm International Corporation in August 2003 and became part of a group of companies specialising in the manufacture and distribution of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

Today as SFL Flues and Chimneys, the name may have changed but the expertise lives on.  Manufacturing traditional brands such as IL and new innovative products such as Nova and Sflue, from the same factory, by some of the same people.

Selkirk - Now SFL Flues & Chimneys

Those same products continue to be manufactured to the same exacting quality standards on which the brand reputation has been established, ensuring confidence in the specification and use of these products. 

Now in its 15th year, the SFL brand has probably the widest network of major chimney stockists and distributors in the UK.  Our strategy to grow on a worldwide basis includes a strong export market in the Far East, US and continental Europe.



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